Organic Tea! Tea Forte Tea Party

For the longest time, in San Francisco, I was wondering what to get my mom. I didn't know what to get her. We were in Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf, then we got to China Town. Throughout the many different souvenir shops there were, I couldn't find anything to bring back to my mom. Then we went to this one shop, it had some really neat stuff in it. It was pretty cheap too! Almost everything in China Town is cheap! And you can HAGGLE! You can haggle anywhere really in San Fran. Anyway, in this one shop, my grandparents, sister and I were all looking around and then Brittney found that this place had an upstairs, so we all went up there to take a look. Up stairs was mostly dishes and food, like cabinet food, crackers, cookies and what not. AND TEA! I am a big tea fan and so is my mom. I was starting to get an idea. There was tea tasting up stairs as well, and that tea was wonderful! As we were looking around, we found little tea cups that were 50 cents to a $1. Even cheaper than 50 cents even. I finally got the idea of what I was going to get my mom! A box of Green Mango tea, and a Chinese tea cup. it's perfect! I purchased those things for my mom, and I was so excited. When I gave it to her, she was very excited and happy! She wasn't expecting anything, but I wanted to bring her home something. My mom is my best friend, and she has done so much for me. I gave her those back in August when the San Fran trip was, and she just started drinking the tea about maybe 3 weeks ago. Well, this weekend, I was looking through our tea basket, and I saw the tea in the tea basket, I asked my mom why she put it in the tea basket, and she said she took some to work with her and put the rest in the tea basket. She never keeps anything for herself. I love her. I got an idea this morning, to show off the organic tea. The packaging of the tea packets are so cute! I wish I still had the box, but I think my mom took the box to work too. I did a tea party type thing, I got out a vintage tea cup, and filled it with the Green Mango peach Tea, and got out a Cream Cheese Filled Pumpkin Cupcake, apple slices and a piece of Hershey bar pie for my 'tea party.'

Here are the pictures I took 

It usually comes with cute pyramid tea bags, but the one I got came with regular tea bags. I was bummed when I found that out. But the tea is really good! 
Tea Forte is super good, organic, and quality counts! 
I recommend the Green Mango Peach tea. Extraordinary!