Isabelle's Build-A-Bear Birthday Present

For part of our gift to Isabelle (since she turned four last month) we wanted to take her to Build-A-Bear and have her make a bear. So last Sunday, we went to Build-A-Bear, and she made a bunny! :)

We asked her which one she wanted, she went right to the bunny. We kept asking her just to make sure she wanted the bunny, and SHE WANTED THE BUNNY. Over the koala, the sun bear, a couple others, she wanted the bunny. 

About to stuff the bunny

And the pedal!

Picking out her bunny's heart... was her favorite part...

"Rub the heart on your head to make your bunny smart!"

 Putting the heart in her bunny.... 

Yay! All made!

Bath time was also Isabelle's favorite... I think because you get to step on another pedal and it blows air onto the stuffed animal. :) I loved Build-A-Bears as a kid too. 

Now to give your bunny some clothes! 

She picked out the pretty tutu

Bunny is all dressed with shoes and everything! Ballet shoes :) 

Now to give bunny a name! (She named her Mocha)

Haha, Brittney....

Yay! Fun first time at Build-A-Bear workshop! And a happy camper!