Diffusion Experiment/ Starbucks: Buy One, Get One Free!

In honors biology, we are learning about homeostasis and cells and molecules. That sort of thing. I've known about this experiment for a long time, but since I had the food coloring out for the cupcakes, I wanted to do it. It looks like a silk scarf being spun or swiveled. It looks really cool. It's a simple experiment, just fill a clear glass up with water, and drop food coloring into the glass....

The molecules are diffusing out. The high source is the drop (The surface) and the low is everywhere else in the glass. The picture above is actually the low point. In class, we did an experiment with perfume (My friend Dani's 'Paris Amour' body spray from Bath and Body Works) my teacher sprayed it in the air up front in the classroom, and we raised our hand when we could start to smell it. Quickly, everybody started raising their  hands. I knew smells traveled, but I forgot from Seventh grade science that the molecules are the ones that do the work. 

Thursday, Friday and yesterday were 'BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!' days at Starbucks! So, my mom got Britt and I holiday Starbucks drinks! Brittney got the peppermint mocha, and I got the gingerbread latte. I have already had the peppermint mocha, so I wanted to try something new :)

So yummy!!!