Aerie Shopping Spree Winter 2011 Holiday Items, *FIRST LOOK*

I was DM (Direct Messaged) on Twitter asking me for my e-mail and the closest Aerie store near me. I gave them my e-mail and the closest store was Clackamas Town Center. I was then e-mailed with a special invitation to come view their newest Holiday 2011 clothes, their 'Trunk Show'. I was so excited! I was also told I could take pictures and blog about it, so here I am, blogging about it! I am so excited! I took lots of pictures! So... I got to Aerie, and I was given gift cards! The Aerie employees were so attentive and helpful! I would like to say 'Thank You' to all of them! You helped so much! It was like I was royalty and they waited on me hand and foot! It was nice. Aerie is also having amazing sales right now! I took advantage of those sales! Their newest holiday 2011 apparel were so cute! I loved it all! But couldn't afford all of it, so I will come back next week and grab up the extra stuff. WOWZERS! I just want to say I had so much fun! I walked out of that store with a grin on my face so big, so bright it could probably light up New York, and I'm not conceited, I am just really happy about my purchases! So here is my Aerie Trunk Show journey! 

These are their newest winter items of 2011 :)
I did buy this! This is super cute! And so comfy!!

I almost bought this, I really wanted it! This is an item I will be getting next week... I LOVE IT!!

This item is basically the same as the sweater up there, only in pink :) Again, very cute! Probably another item I will be getting next week! So excited!

I bought this item, just because I HAD to have it, this also comes with matching Long John pants :) Cute Cute jammies :) I only bought the shirt of the set, I didn't buy the pants.
Here is a closer look at the pattern, it's little snowmen! How cute! 

This next item was so cute! This pair of boxer shorts were just so cute and comfy! I sadly didn't purchase these, but I will be purchasing them next week!!

The shirt I am wearing with these boxers is coming up... the shirt was part of the non winter stuff, just showing the winter stuff first...

Their winter items were so cute! Including their slippers! I didn't try any on, I was mostly interested in the sweaters and the shirts, but I believe I will get some slippers next week too! Or towards Christmas time since I just bought some slippers recently. I loved their slippers, they were so super cute! I wish I took a picture of them! 

Now these items were either in their clearance section or their things that are in the 'Fall' season, again super cute! 
This shirt was also shown up above with the boxer shorts, sooo cute! 

I have been wanting Aerie Slim Gym Yoga pants for a long time! I am obsessed with yoga pants because they are so comfy! I was looking online at the Aerie website a few weeks ago, because we were gonna go shopping and I wanted to pick out a few things, well I found these yoga pants... and I wanted them... but they didn't  have them online and I kinda flipped out and freaked out, but when I came to Aerie today, there they were, in the clearance section, and it made me smile so big, so I grabbed them, they were my size (there were like 6 pairs left of the pattern I loved) and I was put in a dressing room, I LOVED THEM, I BOUGHT THEM!
Here is the pattern of the top up close...

Again, the white shirt will be in this picture again, it's a simple, white shirt that I can model with everything...

Here are some 'intimates' that caught my eye... the ones circled I bought... 

I was given goodies when I first got to Aerie... 
^They gave me a letter!!^^
And in the envelope I actually got a letter...
From Ellen and Cassie (Thank you soo much!)

And gift cards!!!

Here are some clothes that we laid out, some our favorites!

I ended up getting these items:
I did end up getting a different bra... as shown in this picture...

So... I got a bunch of cute things! Their Holiday panties were adorable as well, and they are having a sale on their panties! I will buy some next week as well! I'm so excited!!! 
Of course, it got put in the BIG bag...

Such a fantastic day! Thank you so much @Aerie (twitter) for making this happen for me! Thank you for this special invite! Follow Aerie on TWITTER!! 


  1. How exciting!! What a wonderful thing to have the opportunity to blog about~ looks like a very nice store to visit!! Loving the sweaters! :)

  2. It was so exciting! My mom, sister and I were all smiling as we walked out of the mall. It was very fun! Yes! The sweaters were so comfy and cute!

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