After Brittney's volleyball game, we went to Fred Meyer to pick up a couple things. As we were passing by the produce section, there was a cardboard display of the famous Boo Berry cereal was sitting in the cardboard display! I was so excited! I remember a few years ago, when it was Halloween, we would get the Boo Berry cereal, we would wake up the morning of Halloween (The good ol' days when we didn't have school on Halloween or the day after) and my mom would fix us up a bowl of Boo Berry, and while we were eating breakfast, we would watch the Halloween Winnie The Pooh! :) Again, I was so excited at this find! 

Also on our outing, I was planning on buying colored pencils anyway, but I didn't expect on getting a fabulous deal on them! We walked into the art supplies aisle and I of course walked up to the Crayola area and looked at the different selections of colored pencils. I at first was going to get the 24 count pencils, but then I saw the sign that said, "Buy 1, get 1 free... ANY CRAYOLA" and I thought, why get only 48 colored pencils, when I can get 100 count! So I grabbed two of the 50 count colored pencils (which obviously add up to 100) and I got the two boxes for $8.99. I know I could have gotten the two for cheaper if I had my coupon binder, and if I even had a coupon for them! But I didn't have either with me, still a good deal though, and very happy with my purchase!