Organic Finds!

I didn't just find Annie's Homegrown products, I have been quite familiar with their products, and they are delicious! I was baby sitting last Saturday, and made some Annie's macaroni and cheese for the kids,  Creamy Deluxe Shells & Real-Aged Chedder Sauce. No powder cheese sauce, it was actual creamy cheese sauce. I was really excited because the powder is so messy sometimes. So, when we went grocery shopping on Sunday, I wanted to get that, but it was kind of expensive and we ended up getting Organic Shells and Real-Aged Chedder, which is just as good, but has powder. I was reading on the back of the box, and it gives you the "process" of how to make the cheese sauce creamy. Just add milk and mix it together with the cheese powder. It's funny how they charge extra to already have the cheese sauce made, then to have it be powder... but the cheese sauce is better quality if you buy it already made than making it yourself, but still pretty good!