Good Will Outing/1940's Halloween Get up (Halloween Get Up)

Tomorrow night, I am attending a halloween party, I have to dress up, and I am so excited!! I am dressing up as a 40's girl, with red lip stick, victory curls and everything! Again, I'm so excited!! So last night, I had a dream, I was wearing this really cute, red dress and I loved it. Today, I went to Goodwill, and was looking for a costume, and found almost the same exact dress I was wearing in my dream! I couldn't believe it. At first, I passed by it, thinking it wasn't what I was looking for, and it would be ugly... but I went around a second time, and I looked at it again, and picked it up off the rack. I decided, 'Why not try it on?' I'm so glad I did! I ended up buying it! I went over to the shoes, and found a cute pair of vintage-looking shoes, with the amount of heel I wanted... not much. I bought those too. After I was done looking at vintage things, I had some more time to kill, and I started looking through the jeans. Lots of people tell me that they find BIG NAME brands at the thrift stores for cheap... so I wanted to test my luck. I usually just take the easy-way out and buy the jeans from the stores, like I buy my jeans directly from American Eagle, but like I said, I decided to test my luck... and I got lucky... I found a pair of   Hollister flare jeans! FOR A GOOD PRICE!!! Barely used, and in fantastic condition... $19.99!!!! I of course bought them! I was so excited. They fit really good and they look super cute on me! I am just so excited about my purchases!! 

My very cute shoes....

.....AND my jeans!!!

Again, sooo excited!!! for the party tomorrow, and part of my costume, I painted my nails red...

I took the picture outside when it was raining, giving it the cool rain drop effect :) 
Fun, fun day!

And this is the outcome :)
I LOVE my hair... :)


  1. What cute stuff, I love the shoes! That will make a great costume. Sarah & her friend are going to Goodwill tomorrow to do some costume shopping as well. Hope you have a nice time at your party!

  2. What is Sarah planning on being this year? That sounds like fun! My only worry about the party is that my hair won't curl... like it will be too long to curl, but it's not too long.... it should be fine! :) I'm excited!


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