Emma by Jane Austin, Chapter 1.

The beginning of this book was already cute, and very good. 
      Emma Woodhouse, a pretty, sweet, rich, 21 year old girl who lives in a comfortable house and has a happy disposition just got back from her governess's wedding. Miss Taylor, who is Mrs. Weston, was Emma's governess from the time Emma was a young girl, till now. Miss Taylor was more of a sister or a best friend than a governess. Miss Taylor also cared for Emma's two older sisters, she loved them dearly but favored Emma. In chapter 1, Emma and her father are sitting at the table in their house, eating dinner. A Mr. Knightly comes for a visit and they talk about Miss Taylor's wedding, and how they should go visit the Newly weds for a 'wedding-visit'. Mr. Woodhouse, Emma's father (who lost his wife when Emma was very little), talks about the carriage man/stable man coming along to see his daughter, Hannah, who works as a housemaid for the Westons. Mr. Knightly is a friend of Mr. Weston's older brother, as well as an old friend to the Woodhouse's. They make arrangements to go see the Westons. Throughout the chapter, Emma is trying to fathom the fact that Miss Taylor (Mrs. Weston) will not be there anymore. 

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Main Character: Emma Woodhouse

Characters: Mr. Woodhouse; Miss Taylor; Mr. Weston; James; Hannah; Mr. Knightly; Mr. Elton.

~Miss Taylor is Emma's Governess, as well as a best friend
~Miss Taylor just got married to Mr. Weston.

~Mr. Weston was married once before, was said to never get married again.

~Emma Woodhouse is 21 years old, youngest of two sisters
~"handsome, clever, and rich, with a comfortable home and happy disposition..."
~Made the match of Mr. Weston and Miss Taylor.

~Mr. Woodhouse is Emma's father, lost his wife when Emma was very young.
~Quiet, keeps to himself mostly, but sociable.

~James is the Woodhouse's stable man, carriage driver.

~Hannah is James's daughter, who is a housemaid working for Miss Taylor and Mr. Weston 
(Mr. and Mrs. Weston)

~Mr. Knightly is a friend to the Woodhouses and a friend to Mr. Weston's older brother.
~Mr. Knightly calls (goes to) the Woodhouse's home regularly.

~Mr. Elton is an eligible bachelor.

Places Mentioned: London; Hartfield; Highbury. 

Emma by Jane Austen