Busy Girl

I have been so busy! I had a halloween party on Saturday night... that I only wore my 40's costume for like 20, maybe 30 minutes of the party and then changed into my sweats. I had homework... lots of homework... and I went shopping with my aunt, grandma, mom, sister and my two cousins yesterday, and babysat last night. Plus I have an upcoming honors biology exam on wednesday! I'm freaking out over that, but I'm in MCA right now... and done with my computer test, so I have time to kill. Decided to blog :). I have made a list of future projects I want to do, like next week, I am going to make my mom her birthday cupcakes! It is her birthday today, yes she has a halloween birthday :) I am taking her to Starbucks to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte (her favorite) and then I am making her lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting. I have to do that next weekend, when I have a little bit more time for non-homework related things. I wish I could upload pictures on the MAC, I really don't like Apple computers... I LOVE DELLS. They are easier to work with, and simple. With MACS, they have too many rules, and applications, and what not. I love DELL computers and lap tops. I was looking at One Sheepish Girl's blog a while ago... I look at it everyday, but I was looking at it while ago and found this really neat lip balm she uses! She uses it all the time, but she really likes using it during her 'book studies', when she reads. I wanted to try it, so during the shopping spree yesterday, I went into Sephora, and found the lip balm: SMITH'S Lip Balm Minted Rose (the link to their website). So far, I have probably over used it... because I LOVE IT! It's got this amazing smell (ROSES) and a little 'zing' of mint. (The tin says 'ZING'.) 

I have a picture of the tin in my hand... but right now it's not sending... so I just used one from Polyvore.

Smith's Rosebud Perfume CO. (POLYVORE)

I also got some new moccasins yesterday from Payless, the AirWalk ones... They are super comfy, super cute, and NEW! Better looking than my Target ones. My Target ones are still ok... but I am glad I got some new ones. Always good. So, when I get home... I will post pictures of the SMITH'S Rose Bud Lip Balm in this post :) 

That is the link about the Rosebud Lip Balm :)