Vintage Canteen

I am in love with vintage things! They are just beautiful and the style is gorgeous! In 8th grade, my teacher, Mr. Fier, has the 8th graders do a Canteen, if you don't know what a canteen is, then a Canteen is a dance that soldiers went to, to dance with pretty girls before they shipped out. Like it was part of the war effort. All the girls dressed up and all the boys had to dress in uniforms and come up with fake names and such. I loved it! It was a chance to wear bright red lip stick, and curl my hair like the girl in Pearl Harbor! I looked kind of like her. I had a beautiful green dress too, and it actually looked vintage! I wore just some plain black heels with not much heel because they didn't have high high heels back then. 

Yes, this is me.... haha. 

And here is a picture of me in the dress

We even had old fashioned Coca-Cola bottles!

I was also looking at a vintage blog, which totally stoked me! I have always been in love with vintage! 
This blog is super cute! I loved her clothing and recipes, the old pictures and dishes. It was just so cute!

This is my dress:)

I love wearing this dress! It fits me really nice and It's a great color! 

There is also a show in the 30's and 40's era that I love! 
It's called 'Wind At My Back'
It's about a family during the depression in Canada. I love this series!

That same day of the Canteen, my friends and I took a little journey Downtown Portland and came across
this one shop called 'Anthropologie'. It's a very cute, expensive shop full of vintage style! I fell
in love with this one dress, that I hope to buy someday or get something like it. It's the colors
I want on a dress and it would go so well with my skin! 

This is a similar dress that I found off of Google Images, to compare. 

Also at Anthropologie, they had empty perfume bottles just for looks, they were very cute!
Now these were taken about 2 years ago... maybe a year and a half ago. I have always been into vintage things! They are just so trendy and cute and beautiful!

They placed random things all over the store, like this lamp 

Here is another picture similar to the lamp

Vintage things catch my eye, and they are beautiful things.