Vintage Bug, Have You Been Bitten?

I have been on this Vintage kick for a while... I forgot that we had these 'older' tea cups in the China cabinet, and I got excited. I love those 'cross process' pictures of roses and tea cups, that I decided to make several different kinds of tea (for picture purposes) and make my own 'cross process' tea cup pictures! I got so stoked about the whole vintage thing, I was searching my house for old stuff, or things in my room that looked vintage or old, I found some stuff, but not much. Haha, I should have been born in the 40's. I took about 143 photos last night and this morning, so I pick and chose which ones I wanted to show you. They are a bit edited, but it's just for the 'vintage' effect. They are really cute pictures! 

I have a story about TAZO Passion tea. *7th grade, Whidby Island class trip* Everywhere my friends and I
would grab coffee or something, we would always get TAZO Passion tea. It's our 'history' of GSS, the Whidby Island tea we call it. We also had this tea at our End Of The Year tea party with the 7th and 8th grade girls. We could have it iced or hot. 
I love on the tea bag package how it is in English and in French! 
I can read and understand both! 

I love this tea cup... coming up
I thought it was really nifty how I got the TAZO or OZAT reflection in the tea
I actually used a sweater of mine as the back ground
The handle is so pretty

Isn't this a beautiful tea cup? 
We have a big tea bowl, full of assorted teas, and I found 
English Breakfast Black Tea
Licorice spice
Fusion Green & White Tea

Another pretty cup
I used the English Breakfast Black tea for this tea cup

I started rounding the edges on the pictures here, but not on all the pictures.
Just gives it a more old timey look.
This handle is just so lovely

I think out of all the tea cups, this one is my favorite... not because it is actually worth something
but because it's the color I love, it's beautiful.

I love the detailed work on the handle.

I then found this old camera, and as a photographer, I LOVE old cameras, this one is 
a movie camera.

This morning, I decided to do a tea party photo shoot... I didn't eat anything but I just
put it together and made it all fancy just for pictures. It was fun! I put 
Smucker's strawberry jam on mini bagels and I took a mini slice of red velvet cake for the
tea party 'photo shoot'. 
Doesn't this look old? It was only taken today! haha.

This is the red velvet cake

For this tea cup, I used Fusion Green and White Tea

It was really a lot of fun taking pictures, and designing the food on the plate, adding flowers
on the plate or in the tea cup, floating around in the tea. Just some cute pictures. :) 


  1. Wonderful pictures! I am just staring to learn about photo editing over at picnik. Love all of your vintage photo edits. I can always go for a nice English Breakfast tea, I also love Stash Super Irish Breakfast tea- yum. Fun post!!

  2. Ooooo! I will definitely have to taste that kind :) I really like TAZO Passion tea. It's very fruity and floral! :) Yes, Picnik is lots of fun! I use it all the time and I love the premium effects.


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