School Update!

Remember my post, 5 Pages Of History Notes? Well, I turned those in yesterday, and the teacher came to me and said she was "scared" that I took that many notes on the Revolution. Scares her? She should be happy that I took the extra time. I enjoyed it! I loved reading out of my history book and taking notes! It was fun! I know I have been over the American Revolution about 5 times, but I don't remember some of the dates. I liked noting the little details and major details and the ones that were highlighted or duly noted. I wrote down things I wanted to remember for the test or work sheet that might be assigned when the notes were due. Nah... all I got was a "that REALLY scares me that you took 5 pages of notes." ooook? Oh well, I'll probably ace the test and then what can she say, "Acing your test really scares me because of your 5 pages of notes." Whatever. I just apologized, but when I told my mom I apologized she said, "You don't need to apologize to her!" Oh it was great. Today in Theatre 3-4, we did this "speed dating" thing. It wasn't really speed dating, we just got to know the kids in the class in stations for 60 seconds. It was kinda cool but really loud. Then we sit down and we go over our lines for our duo scene, we are doing Shakespeare duo scenes. We are then handed a pink packet. It's about 2 pages long and we have to ANALYZE our character.... hmm? Analyze our character! My character is Bianca from Taming Of The Shrew, and I have to write a FULL PAGE on the character's history. It has to be detailed, Bianca isn't the main character, she barely has a history. It's not enough to fill up a whole page. Next, in theatre, we are required to go to acting competitions and become a THESPIAN.... I don't wan to do that! I was thinking about dropping the class and TAing in another class to get the same credit, but I figured just try it out. If I don't like it this year, I don't have to take it next year. I might like it. There is my venting, and that's all. 


  1. Thespian competitions are super fun, nerve wracking at first, but meeting all the kids from other schools is great! I never did very well in dramatic readings, I was more into my persuasive speeches :), but all of it was fun. Joe is in his first year of drama and really enjoying it.

  2. It was fun last year, but this year it is so much more demanding. I'm going to stay in it though, it will be good for me to get out of my comfort zone and act in front of other people. :)


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