Paris Sticky Notes From Galison NY

In San Francisco, I went to this cute little boutique called Bliss. It was so super cute, with jewelry and stationary, candles and envelopes. Hanging things and little boxes, soaps, pens. Cutesy, girly stuff. I love stores like that, and I had to look around in there. I looked around at the jewelry and thought about getting a cute cupcake necklace, I didn't end up getting it, which is OK because I can get that somewhere else. I looked in the little 'pocket' of the store and this area had the stationary, candles and little trinket boxes. I found cupcake sticky notes and Paris sticky notes. I thought the Paris sticky notes were adorable! I had to get them, also to replace my sticky notes that were ruined the night before from my water bottle leaking, so I needed sticky notes desperately. I love sticky notes! I love writing little notes, or doodling on them. I love fancy sticky notes and this was the perfect set! It was $4.95 and I said, "I'll take this!" Haha, yess! They are so cute! I wanted to find the brand of the sticky notes, I thought I would just Google the store's name, well when I Googled it, it was clothes and dresses, that sort of thing. Not the cute little boutique I went to. But I looked on the back of my sticky notes today and found the brand, Galison New York ! I was so excited, so I went online and typed in their website on my phone and it came up with a really cute website. They offer so much more than just notepads and sticky notes. They have a brand inside their brand called Mudpuppy, it's for younger children and it carries cards, puzzles, this little book called a "Flip & Draw", it's pretty cute. I want to get some of these things for my cousin for either her birthday or Christmas. Wow! This October she will FOUR! That's nuts! They had some really cute stuff! The other brand in the brand was called "Private Label ". They carried more of the fancier items, like fancy stationary and fancy envelopes and gift tags. I like Galison the best. They carry journals and sticky notes, gift tags and note cards, cards and envelopes. Their products are pretty cheap too, also very, very cute! Visit their cute blog! The Galiwag


  1. I am a huge stationary nut, what a great link, great place for Christmas shopping! What cute sticky notes!! Thanks for sharing the link :)

  2. I love sharing things I love! :) It means other people can enjoy them too! No problem :)


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