Pajama Party!

On Monday, I went over to my aunt's house to hang out until my sister got out of volley ball practice. I suggested to my three year old cousin, Isabelle that we could do a pajama party! I was already in my sweats anyway and she was wearing sweats, so I figured it would be a fun activity. I asked my aunt where the air popper was and I got it out, all ready to make pop corn and my mom says it is time to go pick up my sister. Well, Isabelle was sad, I was a bit sad too. It was cute and kinda heart breaking at the door when Isabelle yelled, "You broke your promise!" to me. It was actually funny hearing it from her, I mean, she is three. So today, I got in my actual pajama pants, grabbed a stuffed, lavender smelling, purple bunny that I have sitting on my bed, I popped pop corn and brought a Pop Tart as a sweet treat. I walked in the door today, and I said, "Isabelle! Are you ready for the pajama party?" and she says, "Pajama party?" like she doesn't know what I'm talking about, she probably didn't remember, silly girl. I remind her and she jumps up and we go into her room and I help her put on her pajamas. I put the Pop Tarts on a plate and open the bag of pop corn, grabbed some juice and water and we started watching Monster's Inc. One of my favorite movies of all time! It is not just a kid's movie, no Pixar movie is JUST kid's movie. This movie is entertaining and I have basically seen it one million times, also I know like every word to the movie, I could act it all out for you! She got her bunny and we sat on the floor and ate the pop corn. Of course I brought my camera because you  never know what silly thing Isabelle will do. During the pajama party, Isabelle admired my purple rabbit so much! She said, "Maybe we could take turns with the rabbit." then she takes mine and I am left with her pink bunny, which is just as cuddly ;). She would not give it back! I thought it was cute and I didn't mind, I was just worried I would never get it back. It was then time to go, and we were almost done with our movie and I had to talk Isabelle out of giving my bunny back, I said, "Isabelle, I promise this time that we will have a longer pajama party and I will bring my bunny again and I will spend the night!" of course she brightened right up, kissed my bunny and handed it back to me, GENTLY! She is the cutest little girl. I love spending time with her, even if there is an 11 year age difference, she is fun to hang with. Wild and crazy, sweet and funny, Isabelle is an awesome little girl who offers never a dull moment. 

UGH, my camera was freaking out. Sorry for the stupid blurry-ness.