Old Jar Vase

         Simple DIY, it's a good start. Last night, while making Taco Ring, we ran out of taco seasonings. A friend gave us a whole jar of this taco seasoning that she makes. Today, I rinsed out the jar and decided to do something 'girly' with the jar. 
          Since the flower season is slowly coming to an end, I decided to clip a couple of dying roses and use them for my jar vase. 

I tied a cute ribbon around the stubby jar neck

I overlapped three ribbons around the neck

From the roses I clipped, I plucked the petals off and put them in the jar

Along with the roses I clipped, rose buds were attached.
I was a little sad when I clipped the rose buds, but I used them anyway.

The finishing touch....

....the rose

         First time 'DIY'-ing. It's a simple DIY, but I'm very excited about it! It's very cute and good way to end a great flower season! Kind of recycling flowers. :) I will keep the dried rose petals as well. :)