Naturals Series: Natural Face/Hand/Foot Scrub Recipe

Part of the "Naturals Series", I decided to make a homemade, natural facial scrub. It's not just a facial scrub, you can use it for your hands, feet or face. 
         Here are the ingredients you need:
         ~1 tsp Half and Half
         ~4 tsp Sugar
         ~1/4 tsp of 100% Olive Oil
         ~1/2 tsp of honey

Here are the instructions: 
              *Start out with a little container and fill it with the 1 tsp of Half and Half 
               *Next, add in the 4 tsp of sugar, then stir together

                   *Then  add in the 1/4 tsp of 100% olive oil and stir

                  *Last, add in the 1/2 tsp of honey and stir

           So now you're all done! And you have a natural facial scrub! 

Hope this works for you!! It works great for me as an exfoliator and a moisturizer!