Naturals Series: Milk face wash

So this is a "Natural Series" I'm going to be doing. For about a week, I'm going to wash my face with natural things right out of my kitchen. Last night, I washed my face with (just) straight up, 1% milk. First, I removed my make up with cleansing makeup remover 'towelettes', then I poured some milk into a little container and I went to the sink, and started scrubbing my face with the milk. Remember, just plain milk. No add-ins, no nothing. Just MILK from a COW. After I scrubbed my face, I rinsed it off with cold water, then I rinsed my face with hot water and I did it again. I gently scrubbed my face with the milk and then I rinsed it with cold water. I didn't use any astringents or toners afterwards, I just used my Clean and Clear Dual Action moisturizer. Even without the moisturizer, my face felt SO SOFT after washing my face with milk. It felt so nice and I loved it.