Naturals Series: Lemon Honey Facial Scrub

Sorry for the delay in the Naturals Series, I was busy at the beach, as you can see in the post below. But last night, I washed my face with my newest facial scrub creation. I was very excited to try it. So I started out with my normal regime, taking my makeup off and grabbing the facial scrub out of the fridge. I took some of the facial scrub and I scrubbed it on my face, it was kind of sticky... but runny! I liked it though, because I knew every ingredient in that facial scrub was doing something good for my face. After I was done washing my face, my skin felt so soft from the milk and exfoliation. It didn't sting, which I'm surprised because there was a lot of lemon juice in that facial scrub, but it was calming actually. I loved it! You can also use that recipe: Homemade Lemon Honey Facial Scrub as a hand and foot scrub as well! I loved using this facial scrub.