Naturals Series: Honey Oil Facial Srub

Last night, I wash my face with my first homemade facial scrub, called the Honey Oil facial scrub. It was a good test! I loved it actually. I've been having some dry spots for a little while and I've been using PONDS Dry Skin Cream to help that. But, since this has a little bit of oil in it, it helped those dry spot a lot! It didn't over oil my face either. It also had the sugar in it, so it added a very nice exfoliation. All I did was I started out with a dry, but clean face. I cleansed my face with the makeup remover 'towelettes' first. Then I scrubbed my face with the facial scrub and I gently scrubbed the areas I knew had the dry spots. I then rinsed it with cold water. I rinsed my face with hot water to open up my pores and I did again, gently rubbing the dry spots and scrubbing my whole face. I rinsed it with hot water to remove everything and then finished with a cold water rinse and dry. I did use an astringent this time, little toner pads from Avon that work so well! I use them while traveling or when I feel the need for a gentler toner. This was a great facial scrub. I also used it on my feet and hands to wipe away the grime from Downtown Portland. It moisturized my hands and feet and made them so soft! I can't wait to use it again :) 

Here is the post about the recipe for this facial/foot/hand scrub: Honey Oil Hand/Foot/Facial scrub