My Kitty Is A Maine Coon!

When my mom came last night, she told me that the people's house they were just at had a HUGE 21  pounder cat. The owner of the cat said that if the cat has an 'M' on his forehead, the cat is related to the Maine Coons back on the east coast. We looked on Punk's head and there, sure enough, was an 'M'! No wonder he is such a big boy. Mom and I were curious as to how big the Maine Coons actually were over on the east coast. So I Googled: Maine Coons and they are huge! They are the size of a beagle! 

This is what the 'M' looks like so you can see if your cat has 'big cat' cousins.

See the darker fir inside the yellow outlines? The arrows are pointing. That is what the 'M' looks like. 
Now without the outlines:
Do you see it? 

(Sorry about the slight blurriness of the picture, darn cat was moving!)
So this is a facial shot, or head shot, do you see the 'M'? Kinda cut in half 'M'.

Do you see now??? haha.

These are what the Maine Coons look like on the east coast.
I don't know who these kids are, but this is just to show you what it looks like, this one looks a lot like Punk, except for the white paws. 

Crazy huh?