MCA (Media Computer Applications) Collage Project

At school, I am taking a class called MCA or Media Computer Applications. We learn photo shop and how to build websites and web pages. I'm kind of a pro at it since I have messed around with the web page builders and  website creators before and since I have been a photographer and been doing photo shop for 3 years. Kind of an... expert. So, our first assignment was to create a collage of US. Like bring in personal pictures and and decorate it neat. It was really cool doing photo shop with another program besides Picnik. The school has MAC (Apple) computers and they have different programs and applications to mess around with. It was lots of fun. Here is my finished project:

click on photo to enlarge

It's neat. Haha. Were now starting web page designing. I already have my web page, but it's not finished yet. 
It will also be posted in the side bar of my blog, in the block that says "School Projects" to see updates on the webpage. :)