Lincoln City Twisted Side Pony Braid

I am always having trouble figuring out what to do with my hair. So in the car, on the way to Lincoln City, I decided to come up with a new hair style! The Lincoln City Twisted Side Pony Braid. It is very cute and stylish, something new. You can bobby pins to top or a big flower to style it. 
Here's how:
~First start with a French Braid from the other side of your head, the opposite side you want to the side pony to be on.  I started on my right side since the left shoulder is what the pony rested on. It will look like this:
(This isn't me, I just took this image off of Google Images. The one above this one is me.) 
This is what it will look like from the side and the back basically.

~Next, you finish the back and the side, then you connect the hair to the loose hair on your side, this part will be kind of tricky because you don't want to loose the back you just did. Once you have connected the back with the side, you can start your braid down. Split it into three pieces like a braid, and start braiding... but ever new 'link' you do, grab a piece of hair from the other clumps of hair, like you're doing a french braid going down. It is kinda tricky. You're adding more  hair to the same clumps from the clumps. Anyway, it will end up looking something like this:
I like putting bobby pins in it to make it cute :)

I know this was kind of confusing, but I might do a video on it for my Youtube account. :)