A Good Find!

When I got home from picking up my stuff at Old Navy, I went online and Googled "Natural homemade hand scrubs made with sugar" and a WikiHow popped up. I clicked on it, got the recipe (which is really easy by the way) and then there was Youtube video at the bottom, so I watched it and it was this Chinese girl doing a natural hand scrub HOW TO video, which was also kinda cool and I will definitely make sometime. After the video was over, there was the play list off all the related videos and there was this video about a sugar lip scrub. I clicked on it and watched it. It was this girl who does all these videos. She is like maybe 21 or 22. She is so cute. The information and recipe for the lip scrub was really easy and I was happy with it. I decided to watch some more videos so I clicked on the video name and it took me to the video (posted in the link) and I clicked on the youtuber's channel (Posted in the link) and she has some awesome make up tricks and tips, hair tips and tricks, health and just all this cool stuff! I found out about this program called Eco Emi. It's this package that is mailed to your house and it has all these environmental products that is good for the earth, good for you and is GREEN! Like "Go Green!" or a "fair trade" item from a little country. She signed up for this and you get a package every month full of awesome goodies, whether it's makeup, tea, food, cards, perfume, lotion, literally anything. It's so cute too! It costs $15 a month! That's a good price for all the stuff you get. When you sign up, you get the first month FREE! We like FREE things. So I thought this was pretty awesome. She showed me a lot of makeup tricks that I can't wait to try and some cute hair styles. If your traveling soon, she showed me how to pack a light makeup travel bag and a little purse, like for an amusement park or something like that, or a fair. She showed me the essentials and then she showed me a milk scrub for your feet and hands, and apparently the feet and hands show the first sings of aging, and in this milk scrub is bananas and oats. They all help the skin. It was a really helpful video that I thought was awesome. I will definitely try it. I'm so excited to try out Eco Emi and all the fun makeup and hair tips and tricks!! 

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Hope you enjoy! I know I will!!