French Toast Bagels/apples

My dad created this recipe, it's a simple cooking recipe for French toast, only in my dad's version it is French toast BAGELS! It's very simple. 

       ~ 1 egg
       ~ 1 teaspoon vanilla
       ~ 1 teaspoon cinnamon
       ~ mini or regular bagels
       ~ thin apple slices


First, crack your egg into a bowl

And then add in your 1 teaspoon of vanilla

Then add in your 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and whisk all of it together

Next, grease a frying pan and get out the bagel, split it in half and dip it into
the egg/vanilla/cinnamon mixture, dip both sides (front/back)

Set your bagels in the frying pan and set it to medium heat

When they are done cooking, spread some cream cheese on them or drizzle syrup over them 
and enjoy!
(I put cream cheese on mine)

If you want to add apples... keep the mixture!
slice an apple

Put them into the bowl with the mixture in it and cover the apples with the egg/vanilla/cinnamon mixture

Put them in the same frying pan that you used for the bagels

The egg/vanilla/cinnamon mixture will slide off, so spoon some more onto the apples

After they are done, serve up with the bagels! 

So, thank you dad(dy) for creating this awesome recipe! 



  1. What a great idea using bagels for french toast- and the apples look yummy that way also- sounds delicious!!

  2. My dad makes it so much better than me. :)but I did pretty good too :) My dad came up with the apples at the last minute, so I decided to try it out. :)


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