First Day Of School- I'm A Sophomore Now

All in all, it went pretty good. Got my locker stuff taken care of, and got my sign up sheet for becoming a teacher's aide. I am not sure if it will work out this year, my Idependent Study (or I.S.) is not the period that the teacher I want to be a T.A. for teaches. She doesn't teach that period. I might just be a T.A. Somewhere else because you get a half credit for being a T.A.! I would like to grab as many credits as I can! I already have an extra half credit from working 100 hours this last summer so I am already off to a good start. My Honors English teacher is super funny, there are posters on his wall of old black and white movies, I have seen most of them ;). In Theatre, we are required to act in a competition, an acting competition. I was not thrilled about that, but it will be a new adventure, so I will endure it and learn from my mistakes. Theatre 3-4 is way different than Theatre 1-2. I.S. is pretty cool, not like Study Hall where you're monitored. In I.S. You can talk, text, eat (because the I.S. HQ is in the cafeteria.) and it's just kind of laid back. I can also get things done out of the I.S. Because I can go take care of things, like Math Tutor, or this time it was locker sign up. I'm glad I got that all taken care of. I.S is also the period of first lunch, so I basically get two lunches if I keep my I.S rather than trade it in for a T.A. It's nice to have a long break though, to get things done. But I really want an extra credit. It would so super nice to have all these extra credits. I could graduate early! Or hardly take any classes at all senior year. Geometry was good, the teacher definitely showed us who's boss. It's him! He is a funny guy though. Saw all my friends and the new feshies. It was a good first day!