Easy As Pizza Pie Pizza

Believe it or not, we got this idea from a commercial. At first, Brittney was really interested in it, I was too actually. It looked super good! Bisquick Pizza! There are actually tons of recipes that you can make with Bisquick. I kinda made this without the recipe, but I used it to get started. 
             *Bisquick mix 
             *HOT water
             *pizza sauce
             *favorite pizza toppings
    PREHEAT OVEN TO 450 degrees.


First, I filled a bowl about a quarter of the way with Bisquick. I took a 1/2 cup and filled it 
with VERY HOT water. I filled it about half way and I poured a little bit into the bowl 
at a time. If it needed more water, I just got some more and repeated the steps. You stir
it until it becomes a dough.

Then, place it on an OILED PIZZA PAN! Make sure to OIL it up first or the pizza crust
will stick to the pan. 

After the dough is flopped onto the OILED PIZZA PAN, squish it with your fingers to spread it out.
*This might take a while*

And do this until it is circular and all spread out

Next, take your Pizza Sauce and ladle and spread the pizza sauce on the dough

Now it's topping time! Spread your toppings on your pizza 
(Cheese, pepperoni, olives, tomato, peppers, mushrooms, etc)
We used cheese...



and then on one half we put

green peppers...

and red onions...

Then, stick it in your oven that was preheated to 450 degrees and bake it for 12 minutes. 

This pizza is seriously so good! It is delicious and so easy to make! It's simple food!