5 Pages Of History Notes

Yesterday, I was very busy with homework and such as well as this morning. I have already been assigned a ton of homework, which I have completed most of (yay!). One of my assignments was to read 13 pages of my history book and take notes. My teacher (who is really a student teacher learning how to teach a history and my class are his guinea pigs) said to write a book from the notes, as in take a ton of notes, but to take notes. I feel as if I have written a short novel. They aren't completely full pages, since we 
had to write them in Cornell Note form, so I filled up most of the paper. In this unit, we are studying the Revolution then moving on to things in between the American Revolution and the Civil War, and after we cover that, we move onto the Civil War and go from there and in between to the Great War or WWI during the first semester. The student teacher won't be there for the second semester and the actual history teacher hasn't gone over what we will go over during the second semester.  I'm really excited about this! It's been almost two years since I had a history class, it's been since 8th grade! I missed history so much since I was so drenched in history at GSS. It was a great experience learning history at my old school. My teacher, Mr. Fier had his students re-enact the Civil War and we did a Hollywood Canteen, which is a dance that soldiers went to, to dance with pretty ladies before the men shipped out. Some of them even got married just to have someone! The 40's era is my favorite era! So romantic and beautiful, so sad but so courageous! The fashion, the romance, the soldiers <3. I loved doing that. We did so many fun things with history, that I love history now! I hope this history class won't be boring. I actually enjoy reading history books and taking notes! I'm excited to learn more about U.S. History and to discover more facts about things I already know so much about. I love using the Sharpie pen for writing notes! It writes so nicely. I got all of done this morning and I actually enjoyed it!