Work Day :) (A journal post)

Today, I went to work for my volunteering for school. I worked 6 hours. In those 6 hours, I was bored, scared, hungry, laughing, day dreaming, annoyed and  talking with my mom. Not annoyed while talking to my mom, I love talking to my mom. There was this lady who came in, said she had to drop something off in the back, the sterile area where the surgery supplies are. My mom was on the phone as this lady came in and basically demanded, "I need to put these in the back." and my mom held up her pointer finger, signaling, 'One minute, please' well, then, the lady turned to me and said a bit louder, "I NEED to put these in the back." I looked at her and said, "Excuse me, please wait a moment." she got all bent out of shape. Every time I got up, she would stand up, as if I were going to help her, but I was really just going to the xerox machine to pick up a paper. Finally someone helped her, and my mom got off the phone, looked at me and rolled her eyes, "That lady was so rude." My mom said. I also had a MRSA scare attack. A patient came in with MRSA and we wiped everything down, but I guess those are the risks you take when working, with people around. HAHA. The surgery center administrator had surgery today in the center, and his wife (who is a doctor) ordered the whole surgery center Baja Fresh! I was very happy because I was very hungry, the reason for that was I had only eaten a bowl of Cheerios for breakfast and had a little snack of Nilla Wafers at like 10:00 or so. I was relieved. The Baja Fresh was delicious! Nothing really exciting happened after that, I just filed papers, scheduled surgeries and put together patient's charts. That's about it... my super 'exciting' day.