Wahkeena Falls Hike/Dinner. (Major FUN!)

Today, my family and I went to Wahkeena falls for hiking and dinner. It was such a fun day! Tons of great photography opportunities and beautiful scenery. It was so beautiful and such a great hike. My legs feel great! We hiked up to the top of the falls and drank the pure, fresh, clean water rushing down the falls and the rocks. It tasted so good, so fresh and pure! It was so wonderful. Brittney and I washed our faces in the water and we felt like the Neutrogena commercial. Dad kept on mentioning how awesome it was out there... IT WAS awesome! We got down to the camp area, where you can grill and eat. We found a fire pit place and dad put a grill on the fire pit and started making his chicken and pork chops with the sauces and marinade. He kept on saying, "I'm a friken chef!" Haha. Dad widdled sticks down and I roasted a hot dog, had potato salad and Suddenly Salad with cantaloupe. Such a great dinner! It was a really fun day! To top it all off, we went night hiking with our friends that came up earlier to hang out with us. We hiked to the second bridge, and dad and I were the first to get up there... so we started yelling "BRILLIANT!" up to the water, which was gently misting our faces and making our hair damp. It was very fun. Dad and I were up to climbing to the very top again, but our friend, Tanya said it was illegal to be out on the trail at like 8:50 something. haha. It was loads of fun, today! I loved it.  
This is beautiful Wahkeena Falls! 

I was reaching for the camera and  yelling, "STOP!" "STOP!" haha. Like "STOP taking  pictures!" 

The view was absolutely gorgeous! He hiked to a view point and got rewarded with a beautiful view.

Very pretty view. 

While we were walking (Lagging behind, trying to catch up to our parents)
we found this crevice in the rock... 
Me in the rock crevice. 

Britt and me.

I found only three good black berries, the two smaller ones weren't very ripe... obviously 
the red one here right up front wasn't quite ready. Oh well. 

It was very pretty

It was a very nice day! I had lots of fun!