TOMS "One for One"

.  So tomorrow or today, I'm gonna get a pair of TOMS. I'm really excited about it. I have been reading the TOMS blog and it's pretty neat! The deal is you buy a pair of TOMS and they give a child without shoes a pair of TOMS. Your purchase supports a child's bare foot into being shoed with TOMS! And also all the cool art projects they do with the TOMS fabric, hand bags, blankets, sock monkeys, even TOMS shoes made with the TOMS fabric. It's pretty nifty! I like it. It's cool that even the celebrities get involved, like I read that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson helped out with the "One for One" oganization too! I thought was so cool that they took their time and they helped shoe kids! An early learning center in Atlanta, GA hosted a TOMS event. The kids got to paint their TOMS shoes! They took the white canvas shoes, bought paint and the kids got to paint their TOMS! I have been checking prices on different sites and different stores, but I have found the perfect price at a little boutique in Gresham, OR called Glass Butterfly  They cost $44 there, and that is the cheapest price, plus if you buy a pair of TOMS, like I said up there, you get another pair of TOMS for a shoe-less kid in Africa or some other country, so you are basically getting TWO TOMS shoes for $44. I told my mom she was like, "You should have told me earlier!" It was funny. I'm really stoked! I called Glass Butterfly and they put a size 7 for the Olive Canvas Classics They are putting it on hold for 24 hrs!! I'm so excited to get them! It will be so fun!! Visit the TOMS website and also read the TOMS blog because they post some interesting posts and good information about the "One for One" organization