A Successful Outing!

Flavor Blasted Goldfish
 Sour Cream & Onion
Yesterday, my sister and I emptied our coin jar and we collected $9.00 in coins. We decided to walk to Fred Meyers and buy some goodies (because the house was goodi-less. so sad) I brought my coupon binder, but never ended up using it (again, so sad!).We wandered the aisles of Fred Meyer and collected these items: PEPPERIDGE FARM Goldfish FLAVOR BLASTED Sour Cream & Onion; Sour Dough French bread, Original Carmex Tube2 Clif 'Z' barsKraft Macaroni and Cheese box; banana and a carrot. We got quite a bit of stuff from there for $9.00 without using coupons (which I wanted to do so badly but had no coupons for the items! GRRRR). We were very happy at the end of our little mission. As we were leaving Fred Meyers, this guy at the bank was like, "Did you girls find the pop corn?" and we look at each other and say to the man, "No, you must have us mistaken for someone else." and we walk off, laughing and smirking like a bunch of snobby girls. Oh yes! It was loads of fun!