Soul Surfer

Last night, my family and I watched Soul Surfer. WOW! It was a fantastic movie. AnnaSophia Robb is such an amazing actress! Carrie Underwood was awesome in that too, but you can definitely see she has never acted in a movie before. But she is so sweet. It was cool that the actual Bethany Hamilton was a stunt double for AnnaSophia Robb. I thought that was pretty neat. I cried so hard at the part where she got her arm bit off by the shark. That whole scene was just so surreal to me, like... wow. It was hard to imagine that actually happening to a thirteen year old girl. I'm so glad that she isn't afraid of the water, she really is a Soul Surfer. There a lot of parts I cried in that movie, because it was sad or because I was just so happy for her. That movie brought me closer to God, it was like a mini Dunes retreat. I loved her faith and how she never let go of it. That is so awesome! This is a movie that everybody should own. Such a good one! 5 stars!! haha.