School Is Coming Soon

Oh boy, school. I am actually excited just to get it over with. I'm the kind of girl who wants to get this high school part of my life out of the way so I can start fresh in Florida and go to college and be on my own! Not that high school won't help me, it certainly will! I'm just excited to move on... even though it will be 3 years before that happens, but that goes by quick! So quick! But I'm excited because I have some new classes and I know the people this year. I'm pretty confident and I'm excited to battle the days of sophomore year. I'll get better grades, follow up on my college plans and research and study hard! Of course I will have a life outside of prepping for college and studying for tests and researching nursing schools in Florida and stuff, homework and activities and clubs, track and field. I will have a life! I will also blog and do the crafts and bake. I will travel and take pictures and edit. Just because school is hard and busy, taking up most of my time does not mean I won't have a life. I have a system that I started using during the end of the second semester, when it was time to start you summer tan for the pools and boys, but I figured out the system and I'm going to keep to it! I am going to be so ready!