San Francisco! Day Three!

Now were in San Francisco! Day Three! We got up and got dressed, got ready for the day and headed to San Francisco! When we got there, we spent about 20 minutes looking for parking spot or the office of the touring bus. We finally found a parking lot and we parked there. It was convenient. We got out and walked to the office. We got the tickets and it was a nifty three day pass! We boarded the bus and we sat on the TOP!!! It was an open top bus like they have in London. A double decker bus! Brittney and I sat in front of a guy who was older, like maybe 70 or 80. He got chummy with us real fast which was kinda weird. But he complimented how pretty my 'red' hair was and said, "Oh that must be natural." I said, "Nope, came out of a bottle." and he laughs, "Seems like you can get anything out of a bottle these days. Who knows what will happen in the future, if you want a baby boy, poof! you get a baby boy. If you want a baby girl-" each time he said 'poof' he would pretend he was holding a bottle and poured it out on his hand. "...POOF! you get a baby girl. If you want a boyfriend that looks like Clark Gable, POOF! You get a boyfriend that looks like Clark Gable." I thought that was so funny! The tour guide was a funny woman. She wore dark red lip stick and she had black hair. Her hair was up in high pig tales and yellow flowers in on each pig tale. She was a funny woman. As the tour progressed, we got to City Hall. City Hall has a dome like Washington D.C's Capital Building. She mentioned something about the Capital Building, "San Francisco's City Hall dome is larger than Washington D.C's Capital Building dome." I turn to her and I'm wearing my Washington D.C. sweatshirt, I turn to her and say, "Are you sure? I've been to Washington D.C. and that dome is pretty darn big." and I show her my sweatshirt, "WOW! You really have been to D.C. and yes I'm sure of it being the largest." I looked at Brittney and rolled my eyes, acting like a little snobby know-it-all. HAHA. We then came to a building where the movie The Towering Inferno was filmed. "Now this is the largest building in San Francisco, it was also the building they used to film the movie The Towering Inferno." and I smiled and turned to her again and said, "I just saw that movie!" and I think at this point she was getting a little irritated with my jump outs. I texted my dad and said, "Dad! I'm right near the Towering Inferno building!" and he texted me back, "Cool Court!" I sent him a picture of it later that day. We then toured around Union Square. All the fancy shops! Chanel, 7 For All Mankind, Lucky Brand, Forever 21, American Eagle and so on! Coach, Burberry, Juicy Couture! All those fabulous, expensive shops. It was fun seeing them all. We headed back through town and stopped at Pier 39! Pier 39/Fisherman's Wharf is the second largest attraction in California besides Disney Land which is the first. The tour bus chugged along and it stopped at the office. We got off and decided to go eat. We were going to eat at IN-N-OUT Burger, but the line to order was out the door! It was huge. We didn't want to wait that long so we just found a Burger King and ate there. It seems like every time we went out to eat, they got our orders wrong. Not every time but most of the time. The workers there hardly spoke English and that made me mad. My order was screwed up and I went up to the counter to correct. I told them what I was missing and all they said was, "11 cents! 11 cents!" and I wanted to scream. In my mind, I totally wanted to say, "You're in America now, Learn to speak English." but I didn't say it. I was getting so mad. Finally, Grandpa and Grandma came to my rescue and they got all the stuff and all was well. After we ate, we looked around at the many digital camera shops they had there on the street. The night before, my water bottle leaked all over my digital camera charger. I was so devastated. But since there were digital camera shops everywhere, we went in there and looked for a charger. The first guy we went to offered $29.95 for the camera battery charger. He didn't even cut it open to see if my battery would fit, he hardly spoke English as well. I said, "No... not what I'm looking for." Meaning the battery charger and the service. We walked on and came across another digital camera shop. We walked in and this guy was from the outskirts of Seattle and he spoke good English! We was so nice. He actually cut the package open and plugged it in with the battery in it to make sure it worked. He also offered $29.95. I looked at my Grandma and looked at the battery charger and look back Grandma. "That's what the other guy offered." I said. The guy immediately changed the price, "$25.95." He said. I pursed my lips together and shrugged, "I don't really want to walk around with it, we might come back later for it." I said. I was getting ready to take a step further to walk out of the door and he says, "Would you be willing to walk around with it for $20.00?" He asks. I cave in, "Sure!" I say. I hand him the $20.00 and he bags up the charger and I have it! It works really good too! We walked on and we went up to Pier 39. Across the street, they had British acrobats. My goodness they were so cute! They were hilarious! The girl was so flexible and bendy, she could twist herself in a pretzel and come back out of it. It was like, "WOW!" They were pretty funny. In his British accent, he then asked for a volunteer. Everybody raised their hand. He said, "Oh, so you all volunteered to give us $100.00?" and everybody put their hands down except for this little boy. The British guy went over to him and asked, "Oh so you're going to give us a hundred?" And the little boy put his arm down. The British guy lifted his arm again and said, "You're a volunteer!" And he asks the little boy's dad if it's okay if he volunteers. The dad says sure. The British Acrobat said to the little boy, "You're not really going to give me a hundred," and he looks up at the crowd, "But it's well appreciated if you do!" And he looks back at the little boy, "Now, I am going to have my little sister stand on my head, if she falls, you're here to catch her." And the little boy laughs. "Now, if you see she is about to fall, RUN!" He says. The British guy poses the little boy how he wants him and the British guy stands on the metal plat form and his little sister climbs and stands on top of his head she doesn't fall. She is perfectly balanced! She jumps off and everybody claps. The British acrobat hands the kid a buck and says, "Just for helping, you get a dolla!" (Yes, 'dolla"! Because they don't say their 'r's.) The British acrobat points to a little girl in the crowd and he says, "Now go give that dolla to that little girl." And he walks with him and the little boy hands the little girl the $. The British acrobat laughs and says, "Now get used that. See your dad, he's been doing that for 20 years!" And again, the crowd laughs! The British acrobats ended up giving the kid $5 for helping them out and of course we gave them tips and donations! They were so funny. We moved onto the Pier 39 and all the little shops and restaurants. We came across this little shop, it was a crepe shop with coffee and such. I ordered an espresso. I paid almost $3.00 for that espresso and it was so tiny! I know espressos are supposed to be tiny but it was VERY tiny and tasted awful. I have had good espresso before, but this was gross! We walked around and went to a little bath and body store. It was called Laline. Very expensive. The worker there stopped Brittney and me and asked if we would like to sample some hand scrub. She took us to a little bowl and gently put the hand scrub crystals on our hands and we rubbed them together. She sprayed it off with the water sprayer and we dried our hands and put some hand cream on them. It made our hands so soft! And it smelled so good! We left to go look at more shops and we came across the only American USA sailors in San Francisco. WOW! They were so cute! We walked into this little boutique called Bliss. It was like a rich snobby Clairs shop. But there actually was no snobbs, just expensive things. I bought some French sticky notes with the Eiffel Tower on them and little poodles and stuff. They are so cute! We decided to leave Pier 39 and go take the walking tour. We walked to Washington Square Park and the group of people were waiting for the tour guide. We hopped into the group and we waited for the tour guides. They finally came around and read a little thing about Washington Square Park that some lady wrote. And then we began the tour! We toured all around down town and China Town. That was Brittney's favorite! It was one of my favorites too! One of the tour guides kept flirting with me, he kept talking to me and he said, "I had braces once, once you get those braces off, you'll look like a model!" I said thank you and laughed. I knew he meant I'd look more grown up or something but I also wanted to say, 'So you think I'm pretty darn ugly now?' but I didn't say that. Well, right smack dab in the middle of China town, the tour ended and the tour guides left us, lost and hungry. We didn't know where to go. So we just walked. We walked into this intersection and this Oriental lady handed us a brochure flyer thing about this restaurant. We decided we would go there to eat dinner. When we got there, this bossy Oriental lady shouted, "Go upstairs! Food upstairs! Go upstairs! Go upstairs!" And we were a little wary on that. We needed to use the rest room so we used that, but before we used it, we went inside the first level and we were deciding what to do. The lady came inside and again shouted, "Go upstairs! Go upstairs!" Grandpa turned to her and said, "Just a minute, were discussing something." And he said it kind of sternly. The lady cowered and walked out saying, "OH, Ok." and she kept telling other people to "Go upstairs!" like, 'GO EAT NOW!' haha. We decided not to eat there. We walked all the way back to Fisherman's Wharf and it was a long walk. By that time it was getting to be evening and we wanted to eat. We walked to Ghiradelli Square and looked around. It was really nifty! We found a diner in the square called, Lori's Diner, decorated like a 1950's diner. So cute. We ate there and then went to the Ghiradelli Square Chocolate Restaurant and we ordered hot fudge sundaes. Those were so good and it was a perfect ending to a busy day.