San Francisco! Day One.

Where do I start? I could start with another apology, I'm sorry for not posting during the trip. I didn't know it would be so hectic! It was an 'up and go' trip. Our first stop was Crescent City. It's a beach, small town, beach town.Very scenic! We stayed in a Super 8 motel the first night because we would only be spending one night there in Crescent City and then getting up and heading to San Francisco. When we got to Crescent City, we checked into our motel and unloaded everything into the room, got changed into warmer clothes because it was FREEZING! We drove to a little harbor/beach area where there was sand on side and you drove a bit further and there was a rocky short with logs and a little hill to hike up to look out over the harbor and a little bit of Crescent City. It was so beautiful! It reminded me of the theme song to Anne Of Green Gables, which was filmed in beautiful Prince Edward Island. How the water sprayed and crashed against the rocks, the wind, it was just amazing. As we hiked further up, I stayed behind to take pictures then eventually went up with Grandma, Grandpa and Brittney. "COURTNEY! There are kittens up here!" Brittney said as I got up there. I was like, HUH? kittens? and then I said, "Show me." she couldn't show me because they ran and hid. I was disappointed but I looked for them anyway and I couldn't find them. Grandpa was kind of pressing us to hurry up so we could move on and I said, "Yes, yes, just one second!" And looked a bit more. When I couldn't find them for five minutes I decided to hike up a bit more with everybody else and take some more scenic pictures (Which will be in my California Trip, August, 2011 trip page). I decided after about 5 minutes it was enough for me, so I headed back down and wanted to look for those kittens again. Well, I found one. I came down the big rock slowly and stepped down onto the gravel and I looked between the trees at the itty bitty trail and saw a black little kitten looking up at me with his big green eyes. I smiled and he ran into the trees. Of course I was worried that they weren't getting fed, they are kittens and I didn't see a mommy cat there. As my butt was up and I was bending over, looking for the cats, another family showed up on the big hiking rock and I heard other voices. I stood up straight and saw that Grandma and Grandpa were talking to them, telling them about the cats and asking where they were from, they were from Wisconsin. Grandma, Grandpa, Brittney, Me and the other family looked around and looked down at the rocks by the other side of the harbor. There were more cats! Tons of them! Crossing the street and coming out of the rocks. We figured the kittens were getting fed since it was a small community of cats. We hiked down and looked around some more and went over to the rocks we saw the cats at, and there were TONS of cats hiding inside the rocks or resting on top of the rocks. They were skittish and every time you took a step closer, they would flinch and get ready to bolt. This one kitten (both his parents were watching us very closely a little ways away, sitting on rocks) let us get very close to him, I took tons of pictures of this little junior. He was a darling! Or she.... haha. That was very exciting to see all those wild cats out there. We then got in the car and decided to head somewhere to go eat. As we were driving through the harbor parking lot, we saw big pelicans! I didn't take any pictures because they were too far away and my zoom sucks, but we looked at them through binoculars and they were huge! We then drove to the tide pools and light house. Tide pools were nifty and we saw little fish in them. There were biting bugs everywhere. Little biting beach bugs, because I got a couple bug bites that started itching right then and there. I felt ambushed by these disgusting bugs. We walked up to the light house and the view was so fantastic! It was gorgeous! I took tons of pictures. We walked back to the car and decided everyone was hungry, so we drove around and I remember seeing this place called The Apple Peddler (which is apparently this town's pride restaurant or their best!) We parked, went inside, it wasn't trashy really, it was just like a greasy diner, but the food was so good! Or maybe it was because I was so hungry. I ordered a dinner salad with ranch dressing and a grilled cheese off the kids menu (I'm scared to order off the original menu because the portions are so big and I can never finish it all!) That was such a good dinner. After we paid the bill, we left for the motel again. We basically crashed from after the long drive from Oregon to California and the evening at the beach. That was the best sleep I had that trip, at a little Super 8 in Crescent City, which is weird because then when we got to Foster City (about 30 minutes outside of San Francisco) where we stayed, the beds were like luxurious and Tempur-Pedic beds, I didn't sleep well. I had 'ok' sleep there but I honestly feel I had a better night's sleep in that Super 8. That was the first day, and a total blast!  On the first day, we didn't go to Foster City that day, that was just a 'bed-compare' quick story.