San Francisco! Day Four!

Day four! Day four in San Francisco! We got up really early and grabbed our Alcatraz tickets because we were going to Alcatraz that day. Then we drove to Lombard street, and we drove down the second most crooked street in the world, it was pretty darn cool! We then drove to our little parking lot and walked to the place where they were holding the Cable Cars. We got our tickets for the Cable Cars and we stood in line. It didn't take forever, and it wasn't a long line, it was also like 9 in the morning so it was a pretty short line. They filled up the first cable car but we were the ones who couldn't get on, so we ended up being first in line for the next cable car. We waited for the first cable car to leave so we could board the next cable car. We finally got to go on the cable car and Brittney spent a lot of the waiting time to go to take pictures and such. There was a German family next to us on the Cable car and they were funny. We finally left and the Cable car was so fun! I took lots of pictures. The cable car stopped in Union Square, so we stopped there and decided to shop a bit before the tour to Alcatraz. We saw Forever 21. It was an XXL Forever 21 with 3 levels! I was in HEAVEN walking inside the Forever 21. I did buy some stuff and then we spent a lot of time looking for American Apparel. We then had to get back to Fisherman's Wharf and walked to Pier 39. We were hungry and wanted to eat, so we found the famous San Francisco Sour Dough bakery and Cafe, Boudin. We ate there and it was soo good! After that, we walked to the dock where the ferry was leaving for Alcatraz and we hopped on the tour bus (Yes we used those tour buses as our taxi service. After all we had a three day pass!) So we rode back to the Fisherman's Wharf and walked to the ferry. We handed in our tickets and rode the ferry to Alcatraz! Beautiful pictures were taken on the ferry. You could see the whole San Francisco city and Bay Bridge on the ferry. It was so beautiful. When we got to Alcatraz, you could see it doesn't have very many years left. It is very dilapidated, I mean it dates back to the Civil War so it's very old. In the gift shop, one of the ex convicts was there, signing books and such. In his day, he was a bad boy. We walked around a bit and we went up to the cell house. We walked in and everybody looked like zombies, wearing their head sets and listening to their audio tour. It added an eeryness and it was kinda creepy. Every time we asked someone where they got their head sets, they were all like, "I don't know. Over there by the building." And we all said, "Which building. There are tons of them." and so we walked on, trying to find these headsets. We finally found them and got them and were on our way with the tour. We went into the right areas and everything. It was a very interesting tour! About the guards and their families that lived on the island, about the prisoners and their stories, about battles and shootings they had there. It was all very interesting. After the tour, we went back onto the ferry and headed back to San Francisco. We were kinda lost in what to do, so we just walked around Pier 39 for a while. We came across a gift shop and I ended up buying a t-shirt for myself and a t-shirt for my friend Abby. It was then that I was aware I HAD to get something for my parents. I was sad because all the presents and gifts in that shop were so crappy. I needed to get them something with a WOW factor. I didn't find anything for my mom that day, but Brittney bought my dad a t-shirt. We walked to IN-N-OUT Burger and had dinner there. We then walked to Ghiradelli square and got our desserts. I got the Nob Hill Chill. It was soo good. We wanted to sit down and enjoy the restaurant but it was so crowded, so we took it to go. We got home early that night, and the pool at our hotel closes at 11. It was about 9 or so. We got in our swim suits and headed down to the pool. It was a nice, refreshing swim. After that, we went up to our hotel room and showered and went to bed. That was a fun, fun day!