San Francisco! Day Five!

Day five was our last day. It was jam packed full of stuff! We first hopped on the bus and headed to China Town, buying gifts and looking around. I bought my gift for mom, a tea cup and some tea from China Town. We sampled that tea, so we know it's delicious! After we bought the gift, we walked around a bit and we were getting hungry. We were stopped by this woman who was standing out side of a building. She told us to go upstairs and we though, 'Oh no, not this again.' but decided to take our chances. We were so surprised! It was a wonderful restaurant. Yummy food, and tons of dim sum! It was a very good restaurant but it had no sign, so I have no clue what it's called. While we ate, we heard a parade going on outside. It was like a protest of some sort. We finished eating and we went back to shopping for a bit, then we headed back to Union Square where we hopped on another tour bus. This tour guide was SO cute. His name is Eric and he had such a great speaking voice. I fell in love. Lol. He was just such a handsome man. I gave him a $5.00 tip. My grandma said I must of liked him a lot if I parted with $5.00. We rode the bus back to Fisherman's Wharf to get on the tour bus going across the Golden Gate Bridge and to Sausalito. We got onto the bus and this guy was funny! We went across the Golden Gate Bridge and it was so cool seeing it without any car cover! We saw it there in front of us! Because it was a bus, not a double decker, just an open top bus. It was super nifty. I got tons of pictures. We drove on to Sausalito and we walked around. We came across this French boutique and I wanted to look inside. It was so expensive. They had a rack that everything on the rack was $20.00. I found a pair of jeans and I tried them on, and they fit! They were so cute on me! I had to get them! I looked at the original price while I was in the dressing room and they were originally $132.00! I thought to myself, 'Wow, reduced down to $20.00 and they are French jeans... I'm so getting them.' So I bought them! Now I have myself a pair of French jeans! I'm so happy! We looked around a bit more and it was torture because the clothes were so expensive! But they were fun to look at. It was getting close to the time that the last bus was going to be heading back to San Francisco and we hopped on the bus. This tour guide was a lady with a New York accent and she was giving Brittney and I a bad headache. She was kinda annoying. When we got back to Fisherman's Wharf, I wanted to get a sweatshirt that said San Francisco on it. We walked around Pier 39, in and out of shops, looking for a sweatshirt for me, and we finally found one at a store called 'I Love San Francisco' only the 'LOVE' was a big heart, like 'I <3 San Francisco.' and we found a sweatshirt in there. I bought it. I was happy. We wanted to go to the Rain Forest Cafe as a big finally for the trip. We walked back and we got into the restaurant. This is the coolest thing. There were like mechanical animals, I mean they looked so real! It was humid in there like you were in the Rain Forest and the animals went bezerk when the rain came down. We didn't get wet but it seemed like it was raining inside! It was so cool! I got a burger with a sourdough bun and onions rings on the burger. The food was so good! After that, we walked around the Rain Forest cafe and looked at all the cool stuff they had. We then left the Rain Forest Cafe and walked around the to Ghiradelli Square and during the walk we saw a bunch of weirdos. Poor things. We walked into Ghiradelli Square and now it wasn't so crowded. I got my usual: Nob Hill Chill and we found a place to sit! It was so fun! A great top off to our trip! 


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing trip! I enjoyed reading all of your San Francisco blog posts. I love your new background too!

  2. Thank you April! I have actually had this back ground since I made the blog, but yeah it's really cool! I also have pictures in the California Trip, August 2011 page as well, if you'd like to see. :)


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