Quesadilla Cookin'

Last night, I was really craving some Mexican food, tacos, burritos, QUESADILLAS! I wanted one so bad and they are so easy to make! So, today after work, I got to making my quesadilla! 

                      *Tomatoes (chopped)
                      *Avocado (cut)
                      *Chicken (BBQ'd, cut and grill seasoned {optional})
                      *Cheese (Sharp, medium, Mexican, any kind but has to be shredded!)
                      *Tortilla (Flour)

     Mom and I BBQ'd chicken on the grill

Then of course, we took it off the grill, and I cut a piece of chicken into tiny pieces.

I greased up the pan

I then laid the tortilla in the frying pan

I then sprinkle the previously shredded up cheese on the tortilla in the pan

I didn't use all the cheese at once... I sprinkled more and more on as I went. Next you
sprinkle the tomatoes, avocado and chicken on the tortilla, and then add more cheese.

Then, with some delicious taco seasonings, I sprinkled that on for a bit of taste

After that, I let the cheese melt a bit, and I folded the other half of the tortilla over

Pretty soon, after the tops/bottoms get browned, you take it off the frying pan, serve it on a plate and 
add some kind of side to it (if you want)

I cut mine in half to show you the inside. :)