My Mind Was In D.C.

I was getting ready for bed and remembered back to the fun but chaotic way of getting ready for bed in Washington D.C., rooming with my three girlies (best frieds). It wasn't loud, but there was always laughing, or jumping on the beds, or listening to the radio and watching TV. One of the nights, my teacher (Mr. Fier! The best 8th grade teacher in the world!) took us to the Vietnam Memorial, and I was on of the chosen ones to carry the wreath! We laid a wreath down for the soldiers who died in Vietnam (to respect and honor them.) The chosen ones were the Civil War Generals and Adjutants (Levi and Ben {Ben who is sadly not in the photo} were the Generals. Levi was the North {And I was the adjutant on the North side} and Ben was the South General {My friend Abby was the adjutant on the South side.}) You see, Mr. Fier has every one of his 8th grade classes re-enact the Civil War on the school's property (I went to a private school K-8th, and it was in the country so we had lots of room to shoot wooden muskets {fake wooden guns} and prowl around) so there were Generals picked (listed above) and adjutants and what not. Mr. Fier picked the Generals and the Adjutants to lay the wreath down and say a prayer afterwards. A mom of a kid in my class took this picture from my camera and I edited it.