Lucky Stars (Easy How-To With Pictures)

These cute, little origami stars are really called 'Lucky Stars'. They are so easy, you will be making them all day by the hundreds! 

        You  can either cut paper or use pre-cut strips from a craft store. They are usually about a foot or a 
         little bit more/little bit less. 
    Today I cut strips. 

                You take the strip of paper and gently tie a knot ....

Next, snip the little flap off the knot. 

                                         Then you take the long strip, and wrap it around the pentagon, 
When you get to down to a little strip, tuck it into the pouch

^And then it looks like this ^

Take your fingernail, and push in the edges to make it look more star like

And pretty soon, if you keep this up, you'll have many stars!
 (I'm still in the process of making many! haha) 
Hope you have fun!!