It's Late. The Next Day...

I can't sleep, though I'm not tired. I'm hungry and want Cheerios! But I'm too lazy to get
up out of the computer desk swivel chair and grab a bowl to hold the Cheerios. I guess
I'm stuck here, rambling on and on. OH! I can tell you about Leeway Cottage! The book
I'm reading! It's such an exciting book! The part I read today was about Laurus coming home
from Europe to see his wife after four years of serving in WWII and to meet his child that
he has never met before! Goodness, it was so cute! I had a lot of happy tears! The
reason for the post of the Gilmore Girls ad is because I am thinking of watching a 
Gilmore Girls while eating my Cheerios... and If I decide to actually do that, you will
probably read about it on my Twitter feed. I obviously love being 'OUT THERE' so
everyone can see what I'm doing. I have no life... so the world of internet is my life: 
blogging, twittering and sometimes facebooking. Darn... I can't eat tonight. I already
brushed my teeth, and having braces, it's a chore to brush and floss. I'll just wait till morning, then I can have a Pop-Tart and Cheerios! And make a tasty treat! So excited! Anyhow, Nighty Night blogger!!