A Day With The Cousins!

A normal day with the cousins, laughing and talking and ended up crashing in the living room watching TV. They brought half the lunch and we provided the other half: Hot dogs, potato chips, watermelon, brownies and my cocoa pebbles treats from yesterday, soda, gatorade and water. It ended up being an 'ok' spread. My mom and Carrie BBQ'd the hot dogs.


Before they came over, my mom started making brownies (not from scratch... from the wretched box! haha) and our family is in love with the peanut butter chips. She sprinkled chocolate and peanut butter chips into the brownies! It added a very nice touch and they are super YUM!


The boys (My cousins) wanted to go swimming, and we thought that was kinda crazy because the sun wasn't even out! Such a gloomy summer day. :( But all of sudden, the sun started peaking out from the clouds, so I guess they got a little sun today. That's good. 

Abbie, Brittney and I started watching a documentary on Mt. St. Helens... it was kinda stupid to be honest. All in all, it wasn't so much as a boring day, but a quiet day... even mom and Carrie are whispering. Oh jeez. That gets so annoying. After we watched that and the sun came out, Abbie and I went out to watch the boys swim. We talked about school and gossiped about people. She wanted to show me something on Facebook, so we looked at pictures and somehow we got talking about the TLC show: My Strange Addiction. Man! Some weird weird people out there!  

  Watch My Strange Addiction on tlc.discovery.com