My aunt Shawna got me into Couponing. I also have a coupon binder and I regularly go on Krazy Coupon Lady  for the coupons or the store adds or on the actual website of the product I want. I'm just in "training" right now, because it does take practice! My aunt Shawna is still in practice. Which I like because we learn together but she knows how to do a lot of the stuff, which is also helpful so she can teach me. Today, I went shopping with my aunt and we were searching for coupons in our binders and looking for the items we wanted and checking for coupons at the store or in the ads we picked up. It was so fun. You have to really plan out your couponing strategy before going shopping, like make up your list, look for coupons on those, see if they are on sale and use the coupons with them on sale! It works out so well and you get it for less! Like today, we were looking in the clearance section at Target and we found a Shick Intution and it was on sale for $4.24 and and I was given (by my aunt) a $2.00 off coupon for Shick Intution! So I got it for $2.24! I was proud of myself, but I couldn't of done it without my auntie. Couponing is a great hobbie and I'm the kind of girl who loves to have hobbies!!