Coffee Chemistry In PACU

When I came into work today, I was tired. I begged to get coffee and my mom finally said, "Yeah, sure." Well, I thought I was gonna have to make a whole 'nother pot, but as it turns out, one of the PACU nurses already did, THANK THE LORD! I grabbed my coffee cup (the plastic/styrofoam cup) and was left alone to experiment with the different creamers, syrups and sauces. Well, it doesn't get too fancy back there in the PACU, there isn't any liquid coffee creamer, which I need to buy for the surgery center, all they have is POWDER coffee creamer :( yuck, but I NEEDED coffee! So it was my only choice. I put some hazelnut syrup in the cup and proceeded to pump the coffee into the cup, stopping for a sec to put the powder Coffee Mate pumpkin spice creamer in the cup, and finished with a packet of sugar and two more packets of Boyd's powder coffee creamer that comes in the packet. It was alright, but not like the KIVU coffee with half and half and sugar! That mix is the best, plus Boyd's coffee sucks! It woke me up though, that was all I needed, a burst of caffeine! It helped a lot!