Change Of Plans

I contacted another FSU Medschool e-mail, asking the same question as last time. But... these people were able to give me the correct answer. I asked them if the Pensacola campus of FSU offers RN. They e-mailed me back at 6:30 today, or that's when I read it. It said that they only offer Medical School, and MD. I was kinda shattered. Like my whole world was falling apart, there is nothing I can do about it. Well, I guess I could go to the Tallahassee campus, they offer it there. I really wanted to go to the Pensacola campus. This really sucks! So now, I'm sad. I'm researching other nursing schools and places to go. My plans flushed down the toilet and my brownies burnt. Because I made blondie brownies. I am going to take a small break, research schools then try again with the brownies without Brittney crowding my space. Wow... I'm like really sad.