Amazon Affiliate!

I have become an Amazon affiliate! I'm so happy!! This is a very good book!                                                                                                            
from!! I'm gonna start making money!!! been trying to find ways to blog
and make money for a long time! Now I have found the answer! Thanks to a friend of 
mine (April's Homemaking <Visit her blog) I'm very excited about this! I can't wait till
the money starts rolling in. Of course I need to get my stats up and get more followers, 
but that should be easy :) I'm just so glad! Google AdSense really didn't help me at all...but helped me! The book that is advertised to the side is Leeway Cottage by Beth Gutcheon. You might have seen that I mention it quite a bit in my blog, well it surely is a great book! I also have a book blog (Rainy Day Book (source)) where I will have more information about this book, like the summary and what not. I'm very happy I achieved this! Some people might not think it is a big deal, but it is to me! I finally
get to become a professional blogger (in the low stages of course) :)