Sorry I haven't posted anything in a couple days, been busy getting San Francisco stuff together. But I am posting today! I'm so very excited for my trip. Were leaving today and it's gonna be so fun! I wish I had a more interesting life, so I could post about cool stuff instead of kinda lame stuff like recipes and origami.... which is like what a 2 year old can do kind of Origami. The recipes are cool actually because it's fun to take pictures of food. But this week will have a lot of blog posts. I will be blogging MOBILE!! I'm so excited. I set it up a while ago and tested it with my second post, but It's been pretty darn cool. I'm very excited to blog about San Fran and Alcatraz. Excited to blog about the food and the bay. Crescent City and the artsy towns. Very excited. So again, I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much, but I promise I will make up for it.